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Tucker DD- 67 - History

Tucker DD- 67 - History

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(Destroyer No. 67: dp. 1,205; 1. 310'; b. 29'10"; dr. 10'4~"; s. 29.60 k.; cpl. 89; a. 4 4", 4 21" tt.; cl.Tucker)

The first Tucker (Destroyer No. 67) was laid down on 9 November 1914 at the Fore River Shipbuilding Company, Quincy, Mass., launched on 4 May 1916; sponsored by Mrs. William Garty, the great, great, granddaughter of Capt. Samuel Tucker, and commissioned on 11 April 1916, Lt. (jg.) Frank Slingluff, Jr., in temporary command until Lt. Comdr. Benysurd B. Wygant assumed command 13 days later.

Following commissioning, Tucker commenced trials off the east coast before reporting to Division 8, Destroyer force, United States Atlantic Fleet. While World War I raged in Europe, Tucker and units of the Fleet conducted exercises and maneuvers in southern and Cuban waters into the spring of 1917.

Steaming independently in the West Indies, she received word of the United States' declaration of war on the Central Powers on 6 April 1917. Upon this notification of the commencement of hostilities, Tucker soon joined the Fleet at its anchorage in the York River before being ordered to proceed to the Boston Navy Yard, Mass., for fitting-out for war.

The immediate and pressing need for escort ships led to the deployment of American destroyers to Queenstown, Northern Ireland, commencing with the departure of sex ships on 24 April under Comdr. J. E L. Taussig. Later, Tucker, in company with Rowan (Destroyer No. 64), Cassin (Destroyer No. 43), Ericsson (Destroyer No. 56), Winelow (Destroyer No. 63), and Jacob Jones (Destroyer No. 61) set out from Boston on 7 May as the second contingent of United States ships designated to operate in conjunction with British surface forces patrolling off the Irish coast.

Arriving on 17 May, Tucker and her sister ships soon commenced wartime operations. On 12 June, she rescued 47 survivors from the stricken merchantman SS Poluxena, on 1 August, she saved 39 men from the torpedoed SS Karina. For the remainder of 1917 and into the late spring of 1918, Tucker operated out of Queenstown, hunting German submarines, escorting and convoying ships through the submarine-infested war zones, and providing assistance to ships in distress.

By the early summer of 1918, as American forces poured into the war on the Western Front and swelled in numbers on the continent of Europe, the need for escorts to convoy the ships that bore the men and material grew apace. Thus, American destroyers were progressively transferred to the eastern Atlantic to augment the escort forces already operating in that war zone.

In June 1918, Tucker joined the escorts working out of Brest, France. On 1 August, while steaming out to meet an inbound convoy, she received word that the group's escort, the French cruiser Dupetit-Thnoare had been torpedoed and sunk by a German submarine. The American destroyer soon arrived on the scene and helped to save the survivors of the stricken French warship from the waters of the Bay of Biscay. Tucker's efforts, and those of the five other American destroyers who were also Present, were rewarded by a commendation from the Prefet Maritime, on behalf of the French Ministry of Marine.

While taking part in the campaign to eradicate the German submarine menace preying upon Allied shipping, Tucker obtained her share of the submarine hunting the day after assisting in the rescue of DupetitThnoare' crew, on 8 August. Sighting a U-boat, Tucker sped to the attack, dropping depth bombs on the undersea enemy. The British Admiralty gave credit to Tucker for a "possibly sunk" as a result of the attack. As antisubmarine warfare was in its infancy, however attempts to verify the "kill" proved to be inconclusive.

On 11 November 1918, the armistice was signed, and hostilities ceased along the war-torn Western Front. As American forces withdrew from Europe and headed home to the United States, Tucker carried passengers and mail between French and British ports. Departing from Brest for the last time on 16 December 1918, she headed for Boston, Mass., and a period of repairs in the navy yard.

In July 1919, she departed Boston and cruised along the coastlines of Massachusetts and Maine, engaged in recruiting duty. In October 1919, she was placed in reserve in Philadelphia, Pa., where she remained until placed out of commission on 16 May 1921. On 17 July 1920, Tucker was designated DD-57.

The prohibition of liquor, instituted by law on 17 January 1920, soon resulted in widespread and blatant smuggling of alcoholic beverages along the coastlines of the United States. The Treasury Department discovered that the Coast Guard simply did not have the ships to constitute a successful patrol. To cope with the problem, President Calvin Coolidge authorized the transfer, in 1924, of 20 old destroyers, then in reserve and out of commission, from the Navy to the Coast Guard.

On 25 March 1926, Tucker was activated and acquired by the Coast Guard, part of a second group of five to augment the original 20. Designated CG-23, she joined the "rum patrol" and chased rum runners, aiding in the attempt to enforce prohibition laws.

On 4 April 1933, the greatest disaster which aeronautics had experienced up to that time occurred off the New Jersey coast. The airship Akron (ZRS-4) crashed in a storm and carried 73 men to their deaths, including Rear Admiral William A. Moffett, Chief of the Bureau of Aeronautics. Tucker received word of the crash and sped to the scene. Upon arrival, she found that German motorship Phoebus had pulled four men from the sea-one of whom died shortly after being rescued. The survivors were transferred to Tucker and were disembarked at the New York Navy Yard.

After Congress had passed the 21st Amendment to the Constitution to end prohibition, Tucker was returned to the Navy on 30 June 1933. Her name was cancelled on 1 November 1933 to free the name Tucker for DD-374, and, thereafter, the old destroyer was known by her hull designation DD-7. For a time, DD-57 served as a Sea Scout training ship, docked at Sandy Hook, N.J. Struck from the Navy list on 24 October 1936, DD-57 was sold on 10 December 1936 and reduced to a hulk two days before Christmas 1936.

Fox News, Tucker Carlson finish historic October with largest primetime audience in cable news history

Tucker: American media complicit in covering up Hunter Biden scandal

'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host compares and contrasts Thursday night's town halls featuring Trump, Biden

Fox News Channel wrapped up a record-setting October as the most-watched basic cable network for the 52nd straight month and “Tucker Carlson Tonight” finished with the highest-rated monthly viewership of any program in the history of cable news.

“Tucker Carlson Tonight” averaged a staggering 5.4 million nightly viewers for the unprecedented ratings victory, while “Hannity” also surpassed the five-million viewer plateau by averaging 5.1 million. Fox News’ primetime lineup finished with the highest-rated month in cable news history – beating free TV heavyweights such as ABC’s “The Bachelorette” in the process.

“The Five” finished third among all of cable news despite its 5 p.m. ET timeslot, ahead of any primetime offering on MSNBC or CNN. “The Ingraham Angle” averaged 4.1 million to finish fourth and MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” settled for fifth place.

CNN’s most-watched show was “Cuomo Prime Time,” which finished No. 16 overall – behind nine different Fox News shows and six MSNBC programs.

Fox News had a clean sweep of the top five programs among the key demographic of adults age 25-54, as “Tucker” led the way averaging over one-million demo viewers for the first time ever. Carlson was followed by “Hannity,” “Ingraham,” “The Five” and “The Story with Martha MacCallum.”

“Hannity” finished with its highest-rated month across both categories since the program launched in 2009. “The Ingraham Angle” also made cable news history, finishing as the most-watched female host in history.

The success of “Tucker,” “Hannity” and “Ingraham” helped Fox News remain atop the most-watched networks during the primetime hours of 8-11 p.m., as the network averaged 4.9 million primetime viewers to win the category for the 10th straight month.

MSNBC averaged 2.7 million primetime viewers to finish second, followed by ESPN, CNN, TBS, HGTV, Hallmark, TLC, USA and Food Network.

Fox News’ success wasn’t limited to primetime, as it averaged 2.3 million total viewers to finish atop the category. MSNBC finished second with an average of 1.5 million, followed by CNN, ESPN, HGTV, Hallmark, TBS, Nickelodeon, Investigation Discovery and Food Network.

Fox News also finished with its second highest-rated total day viewership in the history of cable news, coming only behind its own coverage of the Iraq War in April 2003. With the victory, FNC has now beaten MSNBC and CNN in both total day and primetime viewership for 226-straight months.

Tucker DD- 67 - History

On first impression, the Mason is a rather unremarkable ship. However, the ship has a history that belies its appearance. It also had personality, which endeared it to the crews that sailed on the ship. My sincere thanks to the crew members and their relatives who have contributed their recollections and photos to this site.

Media Files

In January 1973, during a Linebacker mission off the coast of Vietnam, Storekeeper Glen Cruikshank made an audio recording in the upper handling room of Mount 52 (the aft 5"/38 gun) of the Mason. Here are a few brief excerpts from that recording. This is the real thing!

The sounding of General Quarters prior to the mission.

A very brief excerpt of Commander Robert L. Warren's comments to the crew about the mission. Commander Warren was Commanding Officer of the Mason at that time.

Firing the guns, as heard from the upper handling room of Mount 52! A good audio system is needed to bring out the sound of the guns firing.

Glen dedicated the recording to the crew members and families of the USS Leonard F. Mason (DD-852), to all Destroyermen, and to the officers and sailors of the United States Navy. My thanks to Duke Henry GMG3 for sending a copy of the recording to me and giving his permission to post the excerpts on this site. By the way, the Webmaster (me!) was on board the Mason during that Linebacker mission!


This year's reunion is in St. Louis, MO September 15 to 18. Contact the webmaster for details.

Photo Album

PFC Leonard Foster Mason, USMC

Photograph from 1972-1973 Cruise Book.

PFC Leonard Foster Mason, USMC

U. S. Marine Corps photograph.

A recent photograph of Sid Merrill, the first Commanding Officer of the Mason. Mr. Merrill passed away 7 January 2010.

Photograph by GMT2 Roger Muller.

U. S. Bureau of Ships photo number 19-N-95337 in the National Archives.

U. S. Naval Institute photograph.

Post card from Derek Baggett, whose grandfather was a crewmember from 1946 to 1951.

U. S. Naval Institute photograph.

U. S. Naval Institute photograph.

USS Leonard F. Mason (DD-852) approaching the pier, Sand Island, Midway Islands, May 1960. Photo taken from the USS Higbee (DDR-806).
Mason outboard the USS Higbee (DDR-806). Photos by RD2 Keith Olson.

U. S. Naval Institute photograph. Post FRAM I conversion.

U. S. Naval Institute photograph. Post FRAM I conversion.

Photo by Brent Harrison, DesRon 3 Medical Officer.

The Mason in the spring of 1965 as seen from the USS Henry W. Tucker (DD-875).

Views of the Mason from the air search radar antenna platform. Yokosuka, Japan.

USS Leonard F. Mason (DD-852) Plan of the Day, 15 January 1971.

Submitted by ETR2 Jerry Hodson.

The Mason, heavy seas, Sea of Japan.

Photo by ETR2 Jerry Hodson.

The Mason stopping for fuel at Midway Island, March 16, 1972. The ship was in company with the Chevalier (DD-805) enroute to San Diego, California, USA.

Photo by OS3 David Faige.
© David Faige

The Mason at sea. Frames from a super 8mm movie taken during a WestPac cruise January 1973 by OS3 David Faige.

The Mason in drydock, Sasebo, Japan, March 1973.

Photo by OS3 David Faige.
© David Faige

The Mason at San Diego, California, USA, 32nd Street Naval Station, April 1974.

Tucker DD- 67 - History

by Lt Cdr Geoffrey B Mason RN (Rtd) (c) 2003

HMS CAPRICE (R 01) - Ca-class Destroyer
including Convoy Escort Movements

Ca-Class Fleet Destroyer of the 11th Emergency Flotilla ordered in February 1942 from Yarrow at Scotstoun. The ship was originally to be named SWALLOW but this was changed in November 1942 to CAPRICE as part of the rationalisation of names for the Class. She was laid down on 28th September 1942 and launched on 16th September 1943 as the first RN ship to have this name. Build was completed on 5th April 1944 and she replaced HM Destroyer LANCE as the ship adopted by the civil community of Bexley and Welling, Kent. (Note: HM Destroyer LANCE was withdrawn from service after being declared a constructive total loss in 1942 and had been allocated to the area after a successful WARSHIP WEEK National Savings campaign in December 1941).

B a t t l e H o n o u r s

Badge: On a Field Green, a kid salient Proper.

D e t a i l s o f W a r S e r v i c e

(for more ship information, go to Naval History Homepage and type name in Site Search)

5th Build completion and commenced Acceptance Trials.

Carried out Gunnery trials.

Accepted into service with 6th Destroyer Flotilla, Home Fleet.

On completion of trials and storing too passage to Scapa Flow for work-up with ships of

May Worked up for service at Scapa Flow with Home Fleet.

June Deployed with Flotilla for screening duties in Home Fleet.

17th Joined Russian Convoy JW59 with HM Cruiser JAMAICA, HM Escort Carriers VINDEX

and STRIKER, HM Destroyers MARNE, METEOR. MILNE and MUSKETEER as escort.

24th Detached from JW59 on arrival at Kola Inlet.

28th Sailed as escort for return Convoy RA59A with same ships.

5th Detached from RA59A after unscathed passage.

Resumed Flotilla duties in Home Fleet.

October Home Fleet duties with Flotilla in continuation.

23rd Deployed with screen for HM Aircraft Carrier IMPLACABLE and HM Cruiser BELLONA


ZAMBESI and CAMBRIAN during air attacks on Sorreisa and Bardufoss as well as photo-

reconnaissance in the Tromso area for the German battleship TIRPITZ.

(For details of naval activities in Norway see ENGAGE THE ENEMY MORE CLOSELY by

Corelli Barnett and CONVOY! by P Kemp.)

31st Detached for escort of ss EMPRESS OF AUSTRALIA and ss SCYTHIA carrying Russian

nationals who had been captured by the allies in Normandy.

2nd Joined EMPRESS OF AUSTRALIA and ss SCYTHIA with H M Cruiser BERWICK, H M


SCOURGE and SERAPIS for passage to Kola Inlet as Russian Convoy JW61A.

11th Return passage to Clyde with same ships and HM Destroyer SCORPION and SAVAGE as escort

for mercantiles as return Convoy RA61A.

1st Joined escort of Russian Convoy JW62 with HM Cruiser BELLONA, HM Escort Carriers


CASSANDRA and CAMBRIAN of Flotilla and HM Destroyers ONSLOW, OBEDIENT,

OFFA, ONSLAUGHT, ORIBI and ORWELL of 17th Flotilla.


These convoy lists have not been cross-checked with the text above

Dominick’s Italian restaurant is closing after 67 years on Beverly Boulevard

Dominick’s, the old-school Italian restaurant in West Hollywood, will close Dec. 20 after 67 years in business.

Dominick’s, the Beverly Boulevard restaurant known for classic red sauce Italian food and celebrity clientele, will close after 67 years in business.

In an email to The Times, a representative for the restaurant said owners Warner Ebbink and Brandon Boudet will close the restaurant on Dec. 20.

Ebbink and Boudet will focus on their other business, Little Dom’s, the Italian restaurant and deli in Los Feliz. There are plans to open a location of Little Dom’s in Ojai, where Ebbink lives.

“We’re sad,” said Ebbink. “Basically, it was the right time for Brandon and I to move on from one of our existing places to do something else. There wasn’t really one thing that prompted it. It was just the right person [who offered to buy the restaurant] at the right time for us.”

Ebbink said a company called Select Hospitality and Design purchased the restaurant. It’s the same company behind Hinterland in Santa Monica. Eater LA is reporting that a restaurant named Verlaine will move into the Dominick’s space.

Dominick’s opened in 1948. Frank Sinatra was a frequent visitor, and the restaurant has been a celebrity hangout ever since, with famous customers including Brad Pitt, Ewan McGregor and Britney Spears.

When former Los Angeles Times Food editor Ruth Reichl reviewed Dominick’s in 1986, she referred to it as “the restaurant that all the new American places are trying to be.”

Reichl went on to write, “There is history in every pore of the place, from the brick that props up a nail that is holding up a piece of the front wall to the funky slope of the roof. Dominick’s has plenty of charm. This is not a restaurant for the hip or the harried, and it is certainly not a restaurant for a Foodie. But for anyone who wants a restaurant that does not take itself too seriously, Dominick’s is a very pleasant place to be.”

8715 Beverly Blvd., West Hollywood, (310) 652-2335,

I prefer my spaghetti with meatballs. Follow me on Twitter @Jenn_Harris_

Tanya Tucker's tribute to Glen Campbell has struck the wrong chord with his widow Kim Campbell, who thinks Tucker's serving a "distorted fairy tale" of their short-lived romance to the masses . but Tucker says it's purely for charity.

Tanya, who dated Glen in the '80s before he married Kim, released the song "Forever Loving You" about Glen, on August 9, a day after he died of Alzheimer's. She's been on a media blitz promoting the track ever since.

Kim's people say Tanya is "callous and disrespectful," exploiting Glen's name. They say it pains Kim to see Glen and Tanya's faces all over tabloids, with headlines like "He Was The Love of My Life."

Kim's camp says, in reality, Tanya had nothing to do with Glen for 35 years, and Kim worked tirelessly to help him battle Alzheimer's.

Tanya's "Today" performance is what sent Kim through the roof, when the hosts expressed their sympathy to Tucker and not the grieving widow and 3 kids Glen left behind.

Tanya's camp says she's just using the moment to raise awareness for Alzheimer's.

We got Tanya in NYC this week and she seemed pretty clueless to any hard feelings.

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Gilead Sciences, Inc. (GILD)

Dr. Susannah Hills, Pediatric Airway surgeon and assistant professor of ENT at Columbia University Medical Center, joins Yahoo Finance to discuss the latest on the coronavirus pandemic.

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Gilead (GILD) Veklury Data Positive in Hospitalized COVID Patients

Gilead (GILD) announces positive data on Veklury in hospitalized patients with COVID-19 across three analyses of large retrospective real-world data sets.

Why Enochian BioSciences Was a Winner on Monday

Biotech Enochian BioSciences (NASDAQ: ENOB) enjoyed a nice share price lift on Monday. Enochian explained that this technique is effected through a nanoparticle, which gives scope for either rapid treatment of an infection, or an "ambush" in which it effectively waits in a cell for infection, then strikes. This technology was developed by the biotech's co-founder Serhat Gumrukcu.

Gilead's remdesivir reduces COVID-19 mortality risk- data

Gilead Sciences Inc said an analysis showed its antiviral remdesivir reduced mortality rates in hospitalized patients with COVID-19 and increased the likelihood of being discharged by day 28 after a five-day course of the treatment. The drugmaker said on Monday it analyzed data from 98,654 patients from three retrospective studies of the real-world treatment of hospitalized COVID-19 patients. Gilead said the results were consistently observed at different timeframes over the course of the pandemic and across geographies.

Gilead says real-world data show COVID-19 drug Veklury can reduce the risk of death

Shares of Gilead Sciences Inc. gained 0.3% in premarket trading on Monday after the drug manufacturer said retrospective research shows that Veklury, its COVID-19 treatment, reduces mortality among people who have been hospitalized with COVID-19. Veklury, which received full approval from the Food and Drug Administration last year, can be prescribed to people who have COVID-19, are hospitalized and are at least 12 years old. The new research examined real-world data from three databases that inc

Mom's Payback - She Bought Neighbor's Property

After so much drama and many police visits, she got the upper hand. Who would’ve thought that a small piece of paper has such power?

Gilead’s Veklury® (Remdesivir) Associated With a Reduction in Mortality Rate in Hospitalized Patients With COVID-19 Across Three Analyses of Large Retrospective Real-World Data Sets

FOSTER CITY, Calif., Jun 21, 2021--Gilead Sciences, Inc. (Nasdaq: GILD) today announced positive data from three retrospective studies of the real-world treatment of patients hospitalized with COVID-19, adding to the body of mortality and hospital discharge data for patients treated with Veklury® (remdesivir). Presented at the World Microbe Forum (WMF) this week, all three of the real-world analyses observed that, in the overall patient populations, patients who received Veklury treatment had si

Gilead to Present More Than 70 Abstracts From Diverse Liver Disease Programs At The International Liver Congress™ 2021

FOSTER CITY, Calif., Jun 21, 2021--Gilead Sciences, Inc. (Nasdaq: GILD) today announced that more than 70 abstracts from the company’s liver disease programs will be presented at The International Liver Congress™ 2021 (ILC) taking place from June 23-26. The breadth of data reflects Gilead’s continued commitment to liver disease, including the recent expansion into chronic hepatitis delta virus (HDV), with Hepcludex® (bulevertide) as the first-in-class treatment for people with HDV conditionally

Gilead (GILD) Inks Deal to Develop Allogeneic Cell Therapies

Gilead's (GILD) wholly owned subsidiary Kite signs partnership deal with Shoreline Biosciences to develop novel cell therapies for cancer.

Gilead Sciences (GILD) Dips More Than Broader Markets: What You Should Know

In the latest trading session, Gilead Sciences (GILD) closed at $67.22, marking a -0.16% move from the previous day.

Affordable Care Act survives third Supreme Court challenge

Andy Slavitt, former White House COVID-19 Response Team adviser, author of ‘PREVENTABLE: The Inside Story of How Leadership Failures, Politics, and Selfishness Doomed the U.S. Coronavirus Response’, joins Yahoo Finance to discuss the COVID-19 response in the U.S. and the Supreme court upholding the Affordable Care Act.

Gilead's Kite Pharma Collaborates With Shoreline Biosciences For Cell Therapies For Cancer Settings

Kite Pharma, a unit of Gilead Sciences Inc (NASDAQ: GILD) and Shoreline Biosciences Inc, has entered into a strategic partnership to develop novel cell therapies across various cancer targets. The collaboration will focus initially on chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) NK targets, with Kite having an option to expand the partnership to include an iPSC CAR Macrophage program for an undisclosed target to be selected post-deal execution. This agreement follows Kite's investment in Shoreline's recent S

Kite and Shoreline Biosciences Enter Into Strategic Partnership to Develop Novel Allogeneic Cell Therapies

SANTA MONICA, Calif. & SAN DIEGO, Jun 17, 2021--Kite, a Gilead Company (Nasdaq: GILD), and Shoreline Biosciences, Inc. (Shoreline), a biotechnology company developing intelligently designed allogeneic off-the-shelf, standardized and targeted natural killer (NK) and Macrophage cellular immunotherapies derived from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) for cancer and other serious diseases, today announced a strategic partnership to develop novel cell therapies across a variety of cancer targets.

COVID-19 pandemic is ‘far from over in other parts of the world’: Doctor

Dr. Gustavo Ferrer, President of Aventura Pulmonary Institute, joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss the latest on the coronavirus pandemic.

Why Jounce Therapeutics Bounced Higher Today

Investors were pleased with biotech Jounce Therapeutics (NASDAQ: JNCE) on Tuesday. The FDA cleared Jounce's Investigational New Drug (IND) application for its pipeline cancer immunotherapy JTX-1811, one of the four pipeline drugs currently being developed by the company. This, in turn, is triggering a $25 million milestone payment from Gilead Sciences (NASDAQ: GILD), which holds the exclusive rights to develop and commercialize JTX-1811.

Workers sue over mandatory COVID-19 vaccination

Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Keenan reports the latest on vaccination mandates and bans on vaccination proof.

Jounce Therapeutics Achieves First Milestone in Exclusive License Agreement with Gilead Sciences and FDA Clearance of Investigational New Drug Application for Anti-CCR8 Antibody

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., June 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Jounce Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: JNCE), a clinical-stage company focused on the discovery and development of novel cancer immunotherapies and predictive biomarkers, today announced the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) clearance of its Investigational New Drug (IND) application for JTX-1811, an anti-CCR8 antibody, for which Gilead Sciences, Inc. (Nasdaq: GILD) has exclusive rights to develop and commercialize. The IND clearance trigge

Gilead Sciences, Inc. (GILD) Fell Out Of Favor With Hedge Funds

In this article we will check out the progression of hedge fund sentiment towards Gilead Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ:GILD) and determine whether it is a good investment right now. We at Insider Monkey like to examine what billionaires and hedge funds think of a company before spending days of research on it. Given their 2 and […]

Gilead’s Yescarta Shows Significant Improvement in Survival in Follicular Lymphoma

Gilead Sciences’ (GILD) Kite Pharma reported follow-up data from the Zuma-5 trial of Yescarta in follicular lymphoma (FL). After a minimum period of 18 months, the therapy showed a response in 94% of patients, with secondary endpoints of the trial-median progression-free survival and overall survival yet to be reached. The author of the study, John Gribben, Professor of Medical Oncology at the Cancer Research U.K. Barts Centre in London, said, “Follicular lymphoma is one of the most common non-H

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Longer-term Data for Kite’s Yescarta® in Relapsed or Refractory Follicular Lymphoma Demonstrate Substantial Survival Improvement Over Current Therapies in Comparative Analysis

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Jun 12, 2021--Kite, a Gilead Company (Nasdaq: GILD), today announced follow-up results from the pivotal ZUMA-5 trial of Yescarta® (axicabtagene ciloleucel) – the first and only CAR T-cell therapy approved in patients with relapsed or refractory indolent follicular lymphoma (FL). At a minimum follow-up of 18 months, 94% of patients had achieved a response, and secondary endpoints of median progression-free survival (PFS) and overall survival (OS) were not yet reached. In a w

Gilead Sciences (GILD) Stock Sinks As Market Gains: What You Should Know

Gilead Sciences (GILD) closed at $68.77 in the latest trading session, marking a -0.75% move from the prior day.

Gilead (GILD) Gets FDA Nod for Label Expansion of Epclusa

Gilead (GILD) obtains FDA approval for the label expansion of HCV drug, Epclusa, to include children as well.

Gilead’s Oral Epclusa Formulation Receives FDA Approval to Treat Hepatitis C in Children Aged 3 and Above

Gilead Sciences (GILD) has received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to expand the pediatric indication of Epclusa in children aged three and above for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV). Chief Medical Officer of Gilead Sciences Merdad Parsey said, “Gilead remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting HCV elimination. Today’s decision by the FDA represents important progress in expanding more cure options for children with HCV.” (See Gilead stock analysis on

U.S. Food and Drug Administration Approves New Formulation of Epclusa®, Expanding Pediatric Indication to Treat Children Ages 3 and Older With Chronic Hepatitis C

Gilead Sciences, Inc. (Nasdaq: GILD) announced today that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved an expansion of the pediatric indication of Epclusa® (sofosbuvir/velpatasvir) for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) to now include children as young as 3 years of age, regardless of HCV genotype or liver disease severity. The FDA approved a New Drug Application (NDA) for two strengths of an oral pellet formulation of Epclusa (sofosbuvir 200 mg/velpatasvir 50 mg and so

U.S. response to COVID-19 has a greater list of failures than accomplishments: Expert

Chris Meekins,Raymond James Healthcare Policy Analyst, joins Yahoo Finance Live to break down what went well and poorly during the COVID-19 pandemic and how to better prepare for possible future pandemic.

But wait—there’s more.

According to Folklorist Bill Ellis, some believed the foot would be more powerful if the rabbit was killed on an actual grave—the meaner the person, the luckier the foot.

A common misbelief about lucky rabbit’s feet is that their origin has something to do with Easter, which celebrates the Christian belief of the resurrection of Jesus. The holiday actually adopted the mindset of the rabbit being worshiped as a fertility goddess from older European traditions.

The Facts

Floyd, 46, died in Minneapolis, Minnesota, at 9:25 p.m. CT on May 25, 2020, after Police Officer Derek Chauvin pressed his knee down on the back of his neck for 8 minutes, 46 seconds.

The Hennepin County Medical Examiner (HCME) said the cause of death was "cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement subdual restraint, and neck compression."

It continued to list arteriosclerotic and hypertensive heart disease, fentanyl intoxication and recent methamphetamine use as being significant conditions that were underlying causes in Floyd's cause of death.

Medical examiners said the fentanyl levels were at a potentially "fatal level," but that it was a combination of factors that led to Floyd's death.

A private autopsy ordered by Floyd's family disputed the findings of the HCME and concluded his death was by "homicide caused by asphyxia due to neck and back compression that led to a lack of blood flow to the brain."

Chauvin, who was charged with second-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter, will stand trial starting March 8.

His lawyer, Eric Nelson, filed court documents in which the focus of the defense rests on alleged medical evidence that Floyd died of a drug overdose.

Tucker Carlson Loses Advertisers After Racist Comments AGAIN

Tucker Carlson keeps repeating his own dumb history. The Fox News host again is losing advertisers after saying racist stuff.

Disney, T-Mobile, Papa John’s and Vari have pulled their commercials from “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Media Matters reported Wednesday.

The exodus came after Carlson on Monday warned viewers of his popular show on the conservative cable network that Black Lives Matters protests sparked by the police killing of George Floyd were “not about Black lives, and remember that when they come for you.”

T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert, responding to a Twitter user on Tuesday asking if the telecom giant supported Carlson’s message, wrote back: “It definitely is not. Bye-bye Tucker Carlson! #BlackLivesMatter.”

Other advertisers followed with confirmations on Wednesday.

Disney’s advertising of its ABC network on Fox News was never supposed to run on Carlson’s show at all, according to Deadline.

“The ABC advertisements were placed on the show without our knowledge by third party media buyers who were unaware that we do not advertise on the show, and they have now been notified not to place any further ads,” an ABC spokesperson told the entertainment site.

After the segment aired, a Fox News spokesperson said, “Tucker’s warning about ‘when they come for you’ was clearly referring to Democratic leaders and inner city politicians.”

Papa John’s said Thursday it would stop advertising on all opinion-based shows, Bloomberg reported.

Carlson has repeatedly trashed protesters as national unrest grows over police brutality and racism. This week, he even took issue with a CNN town hall in which “Sesame Street” characters explained the protests.

He’s been here before. In 2018, Carlson’s show faced an advertiser boycott when he said immigrants made the nation “poorer and dirtier.” In 2019, he again prompted an advertiser exit by declaring that white supremacy was a hoax.

Meanwhile, Carlson has sold his stake in The Daily Caller, the conservative digital outlet he co-founded a decade ago, so he can focus on his Fox News show, The Wall Street Journal reported.

“I’m just too absorbed in what I’m doing,” Carlson told the Journal. “I wasn’t helping in any way, because I’ve got an hour to do every night” on Fox News.

CORRECTION: An earlier version mentioned SmileDirectClub as an advertiser that severed ties with “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” A spokesperson said that the company ended a run of commercials on various news outlets in May and that the decision was “not a political stance.”

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