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Human rights

In a way, they are the same as citizenship rights. Perhaps the difference between them is only one of emphasis. While citizenship rights emphasize freedom and equality as decisive elements for political participation, human rights are aimed at defending and affirming the integrity and dignity of people and social groups. Environmental protection is also part of human rights today. Human rights include civil, political and social rights considered essential for a person to live in dignity. They are, among others: freedom to come and go; right to privacy; the inviolability of the home and the secrecy of correspondence; right to vote; political and religious tolerance; respect for cultural and ethnic differences between the various human groups; right to education and health guaranteed by the state. Human rights are opposed to all types of discrimination, whether based on sex, race, age, physical or mental condition, color, social background, etc. They also oppose torture, arbitrary arrest of persons and any physical, moral or political violence against individuals.

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