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How many slaves did the British Empire free between 1700 and 1900?

How many slaves did the British Empire free between 1700 and 1900?

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Parliament's 1833 Slavery Abolition Act bought, over a six-year time period, the freedom of all slaves in the British Empire

the Territories in the Possession of the East India Company, or to the Island of Ceylon, or to the Island of Saint Helena." The exceptions were eliminated in 1843.

After an escalation of peaceful protests against the "apprenticeships" mandated in the Act, "Full emancipation for all was legally granted ahead of schedule on 1 August 1838."

Additionally, Parliament through the Indian Slavery Act of 1843, the Upper Canada Act Against Slavery 1793, Slave Trade Felony Act 1811, and a succession of Slave Trade Acts of 1807, 1824, 1843, and 1873 also largely abolished the maritime slave trade across much of the world.

Over the time period from 1700 to 1899, what is the estimated number of slaves freed by action of the British Empire and its subordinate institutions (dominions, possessions, colonies, chartered corporations, military, etc.)?

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