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Muhammad (Muhammad)

Muhammad (Muhammad)

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Arab religious leader (570-8 / 6/632). Founder of Islam. Born in Mecca, present-day Saudi Arabia, by the name of Abulqasim Mohamed ibn Abdala ibn Abd al-Mutalib ibn Hashim. Orphaned very early, is raised by an uncle. At age 12, he meets a Christian monk who teaches him faith in one God.

Adopts the belief for being bothered by the idolatry and excesses committed by Mecca society. At 25, she marries a wealthy widow and starts running her business, but she spends much of her time meditating. According to Islamic doctrine, in 610 BC he hears the voice of Archangel Gabriel as he meditates on Mount Hiram.

He must learn and repeat the teachings contained in Quran, which will be revealed to him by God. Muhammad's preaching sensitizes the poor and displeases the ruling classes of Mecca, which forces him in 622 BC to flee to Iatribe, which is now called the Medina (city of the prophet). He becomes religious, political and military chief after negotiating peace between the Arab tribes of Medina.

With their support, he can conquer Mecca a short time later. He dies leaving the spiritually united and politically organized community under the precepts of the Quran.