The largest rivers in the world

The largest rivers in the world

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Here's a list of the world's fifteen largest rivers, including the location, source, mouth, and size (in kilometers) of each.

AmazonasSouth AmericaGlacier Lakes, PeruAtlantic Ocean, Brazil6.868
NileWestern AfricaUganda, Central AfricaMediterranean Sea, Egypt6.695
Chang Yian (Yangtze Kiang)ChinaTibetan Plateau, ChinaYellow Sea, China6.380
Mississippi-Missouri-Red RockU.SRed Rock Spring, Montana, United StatesGulf of Mexico, United States6.270
YeniseiRussiaTannu-Olatanha Mountains, Western Tuva, RussiaArctic Ocean, Russia5.550
Ob-irtishRussiaAltai Mountains, RussiaKara Sea, Arctic Ocean, Russia5.410
Huang Ho (Yellow)ChinaEastern part of Kunlan Mountains, ChinaGulf of Chihli, China4.667
Heilong (Amur)AsiaConfluence of the Shilka and Argun Rivers, Russia and ChinaTatar Strait, Pacific Ocean, Russia4.368
Zaire (Congo)Central africaConfluence of Lualab and Luapula Rivers, CongoAtlantic Ocean, Rep.Dem.Congo4.371
LenaRussiaBaikal Mountains, RussiaArctic Ocean, Russia4.260
MackenzieCanadaGreat Slave Lake, CanadaBeaufort Sea, Arctic Ocean, Canada4.241
NigerWestern AfricaSierra Leone and GuineaGulf of Guinea, Nigeria4.167
MekongSoutheast AsiaTibetan Highlands, ChinaSouth China Sea, Vietnam4.023
ParanáSouth AmericaConfluence of the Paranaíba and Grande Rivers, BrazilRio de la Plata, Argentina3.998
Murray - DarlingOceaniaAustralian Alps, New South Wales, AustraliaAntarctic Ocean3.750
VolgaRussiaValdai Plateau, RussiaCaspian Sea, Russia3.645