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Skandawati YT-370 - History

Skandawati YT-370 - History

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An Onondaga chief during the mid-17th century.
(YT-370: dp. 206; 1. 102'2"; b. 24~0''; dr. 9'7''; s, 12
k.; cpl. 12; cl. Allaquippa)

Skandawati (YT-370), a harbor tug, was constructed by Gulfport Boiler & Welding Works, Inc., of Port Arthur, Tex., in early 1944 and placed in service on 20 April 1944.

Skandawati departed Galveston, Tex., on 2 May 1944 transited the Panama Canal, and arrived at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. in early July. There she reported to the Commander, Service Force, Pacific, and, in August 1944, made a round-trip voyage to Eniwetok Atoll and back to Hawaii.

In the fall of 1944, Skandawati returned to the western Pacific. Heading via Eniwetok and Ulithi atolls she arrived at Guam in the Mariana Islands in late November or early December 1944. She served at Guam until 9 June 1946 when she sailed for Hawaii via Kwajalein Atoll. She arrived in Pearl Harbor on 14 August 1946. From there, she proceeded to Seattle, Wash., and thence to Astoria, Oreg., for layup with the National Defense Reserve Fleet.

Skandawati was out of service, in reserve, from October 1946 until reactivated in 1952. In October 1952, she arrived in Yokosuka, Japan, and after service there and at Sasebo, was reassigned to Subic Bay in the Philippines. She served ,at Subic Bay from 7 November 1954 until loaned to the Army in July 1970. During her second period of active service with the Navy, Skandawati was redesignated a medium harbor tug YTM-370, in February 1962. She served with the Army until 15 February 1973 when she was struck from the Navy list and sold.

The Charles and Patricia Buser Collection of Research Materials on Native American Cultures A Guide and Inventory Spec.RARE.CMS.319

Stephen Buser, former faculty member of the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University, recognized the research value of his parents’ papers and offered to permit the OSU Libraries to scan the collection before the materials were donated to the Wyandotte Nation. He graciously contributed financial support for the scanning project. Scanning commenced in November of 2008, and the project was completed in July 2012, although students and outside researchers were able to access the collection as the finding aids began to appear on the web.

Content and Description

How We Processed the Collection

OSU Rare Books and Manuscripts would welcome contact from anyone who corresponded with the Busers or whose family members collaborated with the researchers and are willing to have the scans of their letters made public. These have been of particular interest for genealogical investigations.

Please use the search function within your browser to search each finding aid for particular subjects or individuals.

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Solo Sentimentals

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The photographer with a heavy shutterfinger & a heavier heart

The Collectors

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Skandawati YT-370 - History

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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: Missing plane search timeline

UK naval ship HMS Echo has arrived in the area where the missing Malaysian plane is being searched for. It will conduct underwater searches after preliminary environmental tests. The ship was dispatched after a Chinese vessel detected a pulse signal in the vast search area on two occasions. Whether or not they are being emitted from the flight recorders of MH370 is still to be confirmed.

Chinese pilots involved in the search operations found white objects floating in the Indian Ocean, about 2,700 kilometers off the coast of Australia, Xinhua news agency reported.

The pulse picked up by a Chinese ship searching the southern Indian Ocean for the missing Malaysian airliner does not belong to the black boxes Flight MH370, the China Maritime Safety Administration says.

The signal picked up by the Chinese vessel's black box detector had a frequency of 37.5kHz per second, the official Xinhua news agency said - identical to the beacon signal emitted by flight recorders.

Following a preliminary analysis, the agency now believes it is not connected to the jetliner.

A black box detector on a Chinese patrol searching for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 has detected a pulse signal in the South Indian Ocean, state media reported. It has not yet been established whether the signal picked up by the Haixun 01 vessel is in fact linked to the missing jetliner, China's official Xinhua news agency reported.

Sources in the Malaysian government later confirmed that the Chinese vessel had detected a signal though there is no confirmation on its origin.

The announcement came as international crews search the Indian Ocean for the flight's lost black boxes before the devices stop emitting locator ‘pings’. Black boxes typically release a ping for 30 days. MH370 disappeared March 8, leaving rescue workers several days at most before its battery dies.

A US Navy "black box" detector made has been deployed in the search for missing Malaysian Airline’s flight 370. The Australian naval vessel Ocean Shield arrived with a "towed pinger locator", which is capable of homing in on signals from the black box, AFP reports.

However, Angus Houston, Australia's former military chief and now coordinator of the eight-nation search, said "we're now getting pretty close to the time when [the black box signal] might expire."

Black boxes typically release a ping for 30 days. MH370 disappeared March 8, leaving rescue workers several days at most before its battery dies.

Malaysian police say they have excluded the possibility that any of the passengers of the flight could have organized a hijacking, Xinhua news agency reported, citing Malaysian media.

Malaysian investigators excluded three more possibilities, in which the main suspects were passengers of the plane. The police said they were referring to sabotage by passengers with psychological disorders or personal problems.

"Suspicions according to four [possibilities] have been lifted from them (passengers)," said Khalid Abu Bakar, inspector general of Malaysia’s police, adding that the crew members, including both pilots, remain under suspicion in these four possibilities.

The search area, which has repeatedly shifted as experts analyze radar and satellite data, is currently focused on a 98,000-square mile area off Perth, Australia.

Lack of coordination between nations assisting with the search for missing flight MH370 has delayed the efforts, as the targeted area was 1,000 miles away from where the aircraft is believed to have crashed, sources familiar with the matter told The Wall Street Journal.

The probe into the missing flight has been classified as a criminal investigation, Malaysia's police chief said, according to The Wall Street Journal. More people are scheduled to be interviewed. Meanwhile, the investigation into the pilot’s flight simulator remains inconclusive.

Malaysian authorities now say the final words from the cockpit of missing Flight MH370 were, in fact, “Good night Malaysian three seven zero,” and not “All right, good night,” as was reported weeks ago.

"We would like to confirm that the last conversation in the transcript between the air traffic controller and the cockpit is at 0119 (Malaysian Time) and is "Good night Malaysian three seven zero," the Malaysian Department of Civil Aviation said in a statement released late Monday.

Skandawati YT-370 - History

RS 72 West at Rio Tinto Alcan (Laterriere) miles 0.6 Subdivision Laterriere.

These wild horses were a beautiful sight as we traveled along the Alaska Highway. Although I do wonder how they survive in bear country, and throughout the bitterly cold winters.

Traveling across Alaska in our RV we spent a lot of time gaping out the windows as we passed one spectacular scene after another. These shots are taken as I hung out the window clicking away and hoping to somehow capture something. Alcan Hwy views.

With Ben More dominating the background 66739 The Bluebell Railway eases the Alcan empties across the Fillan Viaduct at Crianlarich running as 6E45 Fort William Alcan to North Blyth. A delight to see after the turmoils of it not reporting since leaving Fort William, we thought we were back in the 80's at one point.

GMTX 2643 West at crossing of *Route 70* at La Baie, on RS ARPA Subdivision, to Arvida Rio Tinto Alcan.

66737 heads away from Fort William with the morning Alcans.

It’s just before 5:30am and the tanker driver and GBRf driver exchange morning pleasantries, it looks like the old BR days of returning to depot are over in this remote outpost with the refuelling and servicing carried out on site, but what a spot to start work, sunrise overlooking the North Sea. Just under an hour later the locomotive and train was ready for the 291 mile journey to the Scottish West Highlands as 6S45 06:25 to Fort William.

The old Pipe at Alcan, Lynemouth, another from the other morning this taken from the big rocks

15 minutes after the sun broke the horizon, 66737 sits at the head of 6S45, the North Blyth to Fort William alumina, awaiting departure from the port. Tuesday 19.4.16.

For the Phoenix Railway Photographic Circle and alternative railway photography, follow the link:

GBRf 66733 "Cambridge PSB" with 6E45 Fort William - North Blyth Alcan on the descent from the snow shed on Rannoch Moor.

RS 64 Work switching at Centrem and back to Rio Tinto Alcan at Alma after finish this work, on RS Alma Subdivision.

(Notes: this pictures is taken by permission)

66733 climbs away from Upper Tyndrum on 29.5.18 with the North Blyth to Fort William Alcans.

GBRf 66733 'Cambridge PSB' approaches an autumnal looking Garelochhead with the 6S45 North Blyth - Fort William loaded alumina tanks.

Morning view from parking lot of The Alcan Motor Inn.

View toward Auriol Range, Kluane National Park.

Turn Left for the Haines Highway to Haines Alaska and the Alaska Marine Highway. Turn Right to continue down the Alaska Highway toward British Columbia.

Day 3, (Haines Jct YT - Watson Lake YT, 370 miles).

Royal Scotsman 66743 heads the morning Alcan train out of Fort William.

Access on foot from the Northern end of Newbiggin Moore, or from Alcan power station access road. Area of sand dunes and beach with rocky promontory to the south and rock armor to the north, very industrial, tyres, some rubbish, bricks etc from the industrial past but makes for a good picture and some interesting shots non the less

After emerging from the snow shed at Cruach, GBRf 66733 makes its cautious descent off the moor towards Rannoch with the Fort William - North Blyth empty tanks.

A recent visit to North Blyth has prompted a look into my archive for image files not yet processed, and I found this one:

'Deltic' 55022 'Royal Scots Grey' at North Blyth Alcan loading point with empties to later form the later 6N69 loaded alumina tanks for the Lynemouth Smelter on 17th May 2011.

© Gordon Edgar - All rights reserved. Please do not use my images without my explicit permission

The Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium is the successor to the Montreal Planetarium, and is located in the Espace pour la Vie, near the Olympic Stadium and the Biodome in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

4801 Pierre-de Coubertin Ave, Montreal, QC

Share — copy and redistribute this photo in any medium or format

Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the photo

for any purpose, even commercially.

Please give credit and link back to

Not a great photo, I just liked the colours in the bright sunshine.

Alcan Power Station outflow pipe. Lynemouth.

66733 Approach Corror Summit.

RJ Corman 3944 leads the near daily ALCAN train, loaded aluminum ingots from Berea to Louisville, KY, through the trees just outside Winchester, KY.

This portion of the RJ Corman system is nicknamed the "Old Road", once connecting the L&N mainline at Winchester to Lexington, and Louisville, KY. Despite the short length, it is every bit as modern as any class I track. I had trouble keeping up with this guy from Winchester to Lexington. But it was a fun chase!

On our way home, the last day of driving between Destruction Bay YT and Beaver Creek YT we saw an interesting rainbow in the early morning.

The RJ Corman Alcan Turn arrives at its destination in Richmond, KY.

Alcan Power Station taken from the rocks just south of Cresswell.

Very crisp morning with a fair covering of snow and very slippery rocks. I hope no-one was videoing me as they would have a full 30 minutes of material for 'You've Been Framed".

One the road to Anchorage, Alaska

66741 "Swanage Railway" Seen working the 6E45

Fort William - North Blyth Alcans heading past Scremerston

to the south of Berwick-Upon-Tweed

66743 at Torlundy nr Fort William on 29.5.19 with the Fort William to North Blyth empty Alcan train.

37406 hammers up to County March in charge of the 6S56, 07.12 Blyth Dock to Mallaig Junction Alcans on the 6th May 1987.

Cloudy skies mirroed in BC's colorful Muncho Lake. One of my favorite stops along the AlCan highway.

The jade green color of the lake is attributed to the presence of copper oxide leached from the bedrock underneath.

Some have suggested it was named by camping hippies. who got hungry.

Another stormy day along the AlCan Highway.

The Nisutlin Bay Bridge is the longest bridge on the Alaska Highway with two lanes and seven through truss spans. It spans this narrow section of Teslin Lake.

The village of Teslin is a good place to fuel up. One can go hundreds and hundreds of miles (er kilometers) before seeing another gas station. If one wants to "get away" this is the route to take. Loved it.

Enjoy a wonderful weekend!

As the end of another year approaches. a bit of personal nostalgia. The local Alcan trip was a working I regularly covered as I just could not resist the variety of Class 37s that Tyne Yard had regularly conjured up over previous years. As the LE passed the back of our house weather depending I could pick which one to go for. However, by December 2004 they were no longer a regular feature and this I believe was the last time a Class 37 worked the local trip. ( if anyone knows different please get in touch) As the afternoon light faded away this loaded set awaits departure and was bound for the Smelter at Lynemouth. Taken using my first digital camera. the end of one era and the beginning of another

66737 with 6E45 North Blyth-Fort William.

66737 is seen leaidng 6E45 Fort William-North Blyth empty bauxite south into Rannoch descending from Corrour Summit - 03/05/2017

Selected pliers sets from KNIPEX

Since the pliers required also differ from one area of application to the other, a variety of different tools are available from the manufacturer KNIPEX. In order to facilitate the work of choosing the right tool combination, we have put together practical sets for different applications. For example, compact boxes and tool cases for electrical or plumbing sector.

The KNIPEX selection not only includes only small but also larger collections of tools. Some of them are stored in specially designed tool rolls. Once you have such a set of pliers, the right KNIPEX tool is always at hand.

Skandawati YT-370 - History

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        Statistical Analysis

        We compared the prevalence of alleles that were implicated by results of the genomewide association study in patients with a response to lithium treatment and those without a response using the Cochran–Armitage test for trend. The threshold P value was set at 6.9×10 −9 after a Bonferroni correction for the number of SNPs (1,814,186) and for the four different cutoff points. We examined P-value distributions using quantile–quantile (Q-Q) plots (Fig. S2 in the Supplementary Appendix). We analyzed the data from the genomewide association study according to the four cutoff points used to classify patients with a response to lithium treatment and those without a response. We used PLINK software, version 1.07, 20 to evaluate the top hits with adjustments for psychotic features (delusion and hallucination), a history of bipolar I disorder in at least one first-degree relative, rapid cycling, age at onset, sex, and history of alcoholism.

        Springbank 25 Years

        This 2021 bottling of the 25 year old Springbank matured in 70% Sherry casks as well as 15% Bourbon and Rum casks . Limited bottling .

        This 2021 bottling of the 25 year old Springbank matured in 70% Sherry casks as well as 15% Bourbon and Rum casks . Limited bottling .

        Details about this bottle Edit
        Whisky-ID: 31674
        Distillery: Springbank
        Country, Region: Scotland, Campbeltown
        Type: Single Malt Whisky
        Age: 25 Years
        Bottling date: 2021
        ABV: 46%
        Bottle size: 0.7 l
        Bottler: Original bottling
        Maturing: Sherry, Bourbon, Rum
        Post treatment:
        In collections:

        Create your own tasting note:

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