The Brazilian relief (continued)

The Brazilian relief (continued)

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Highest points

The Brazilian reliefs are characterized by low altitudes. This is because Brazil is located on a large tectonic plate that does not clash with other plates, giving rise to the so-called modern folding, resulting from the collision movement between plates, where one pushes the other.

The highest points of the Brazilian relief are Pico da Neblina and Pico 31 de Março.

Check out the list of the largest Brazilian peaks, as well as their location and altitude.

Peak Saw Altitude (m)
Mist Imeri (AM) 3.014
March 31 Imeri (AM) 2.992
Flag Caparaó (ES / MG) 2.890
Roraima Pacaraima (RR) 2.875
cruise Caparaó (ES) 2.861