Advantages and disadvantages of hydroelectric power production

Advantages and disadvantages of hydroelectric power production

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There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to building dams for power generation from hydroelectric dams. Thus, it is up to the government and the population of the country to weigh the pros and cons to assess the need for expansion of this type of energy policy.

Among the advantages we can mention, initially, that water is a renewable resource - as long as the preservation of river springs is guaranteed. Second, is the fact that their cost is much lower than other types of plants, such as thermoelectric, wind and nuclear. We can also highlight that hydroelectric plants do not contribute to the generation of pollutants in the atmosphere, such as thermoelectric ones.

Scheme of operation of a hydroelectric plant

Among the disadvantages, there is the space occupied by damming of rivers for the construction of dams. This environment can occur in areas of forest reserves, rich in fauna and flora, which contribute to the maintenance of life in certain regions. In addition, the occupied area may be home to indigenous communities and traditional populations, who see in this space not only a place of residence, but also an affective space, far from which they will hardly adapt.

The construction of hydroelectric dams requires the damming of water over large areas.

Towers of the church of Itá (SC) in the dam of Itá. With the rise of the waters of the Uruguay River due to damming of the dam, what was left of the flooded part of the city were these two towers.


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