Cultural Aspects of the Midwest Region (continued)

Cultural Aspects of the Midwest Region (continued)

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The Midwest Region has a varied cuisine. Mato Grosso's cuisine It has exotic dishes.

Most typical dishes are fish-based (freshwater). It is common to eat as accompaniment rice, pirão and banana farofa. One of the typical dishes that is successful is piranha broth.

Piranha Broth

The Mato Grosso do Sul cuisine It has dishes characteristic of the region, but influenced by the cuisines of Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay, such as Paraguayan Soup, Forrundu (papaya with rapadura), Pacu, Caribéu (pumpkin with dried meat), Tereré (similar type of tea). chimarrão), Puchero (a type of stew from Argentina) and Locro (pumpkin, bean and corn stew).

Locro (pumpkin, bean and corn stew)

Goiás It presents the varied cuisine, homemade and has traces of Minas Gerais cuisine. One of the most popular dishes is chicken, a mixture of rice, pequi (or guariroba) and chicken.

Goiana Chicken. Noble pieces of chicken, pequi and guariroba.

In Brasilia, there is no really typical dish, as the capital is a city of mixtures. The population is made up of people from all regions. Brasilia has a varied culture, as well as cuisine, with traces from all corners of Brazil. Restaurants of all kinds can be found, as well as many international dishes.

Tokyo Restaurant, Japanese Cuisine in Brasilia